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This landscaping pool design is one of the concept of a very good swimming pool and with a natural blend of very beautiful plants Grass that grows on the edge of a beachside pool recipe is very simple but uses miniatures that are very suitable for parts on the edge of the pool and pool models not commonly applied to this concept if you want to use a concept like this it is suitable for large homes and small houses because this concept does not take place only this pool is medium size and does not take too much space in the plantaran of your home.

This swimming pool has a very relaxed concept and is very small not too large in size as it is very suitable for family swimming pools but it will not be suitable if applied hotels and apartments because usually the apartment uses a large pool because of sufficient local tourists and tourists because of the pool That big certainly is a lot of people who want to swim in a place like that. The superiority of this nation is that the concept of a small swimming pool that is standard is not too big, it is very suitable for children and families who play in swimming pools such as this is very suitable for children because it is not too deep or too low reduces the area parents of children playing in swimming pools are small children who have not been able to swim This pool carries a concept like nature for example we see from plants that are deliberately left to live on the walls of this pool opening outdoor shades more natural and lively and on this part of the floor is overgrown with green grass, this makes the impression of seeing more natural and living a lot of added value that we can take from this swimming pool concept for example in this swimming pool designed with a rectangular box model but at the top also designed with a round pool section This small round pool is used for small children who cannot swim or mom at parents to soak and then on the rectangular swimming pool is used for swimming long distances or short distances or we to practice swimming concepts like this are very suitable for families because it is very supportive for us to practice swimming at home and residents while playing to our homes.

This is one of the concept recommendations that we provide. You can consider choosing a swimming pool concept that will be applied in your home for 9 years. Minimalist homes are perfect for applying concepts like this because they don’t take much money and space and enough funds to make a pool This is to invite your family and children and your personal neighbor to choose a concept that suits the needs of the swimming pool in your home. This is only one reference for you. You can choose it strongly considering the swimming pool will be implemented at home.

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